About Company

To be our customer's first choice supplier of precast, prestress concrete.

To provide superior precast, prestressed concrete products and services that exceeds our customer's expectations of quality and timeliness commensurate with a competitive price.

Continually change to improve the quality, price and production speed of our product.

To aggressively train and motivate our individual team members to create highest achieving teams.

Aggressively market to the architectural and structural office building and parking garage commercial market.

Recognize and celebrate our processes.

Lowe Precast, Inc. (formerly Meridian Precast & Granite, Inc.) is one of the premier precast companies in Texas. They are dedicated to the manufacturing of precast and prestressed concrete that includes architectural and structural panels. Lowe Precast, Inc. is certified in Architectural and Structural categories by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute(PCI).

Lowe Precast is registered as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise to do business in the state of Texas, a member of NCTRCA and is Women-Owned Business Enterprise Certified, and SCTRCA Small, Minority, Women Business Enterprise Program Certified. Lowe Precast is also certified as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) by the Texas Building & Procurement Commission.

Lowe Precast has received the Certificate of Recognition for Subcontractor Excellence in Construction by the Texas Building Branch-ABC and a Certificate of Commendation for "Excellence in Construction" by the North Texas Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Lowe Precast was featured in the PCI Journal as Co-Winner of 2001's Best All-Precast Solution Design Award. Lowe Precast, Inc. is one of the very few companies to produce fifteen feet double tees. This benefits owners and architects by reducing production and erection time.

Guiding Principles

Leadership - Achieve excellence through leadership

We will empower employees to become leaders.

We will lead our customers towards excellence.

We will lead our customers to expect the best quality and timeliness commensurate with a price.

Integrity - Demonstrate through all actions the virtues of honesty, trust and ethical conduct

We will deal with our customers and employees with honesty, fairness and respect.

We will conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.

We will provide a safe, healthy, rewarding and fun work environment.

Customer Focused - Place our customer first

We will listen to our customer's needs and expectations.

We will strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

We define our customer to be our product owner, general contractors and end users.

Innovation - Create changes on the cutting edge

We will use new products, processes and technology

We will invest in research and development.

We will be visionary leaders.

We will search out new and successful ways of meeting our customer's needs and expectations.